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lake bled scuba diving

Diving in Bled Lake is fantastic experience


Did u ever try diving in fresh water? If NO, we can show u different way of diving. We are this will be cool experience compare to Caribbean, Bled = upper Carniola Caribbean ;)


Why is different?

  • Unusualy underwater environment
  • Fresh water
  • Different fish and aquatorium

Dive with us!
If you want to dive company contact us and we will arrange you a guided dive, no mather of your diving category!
Below the surface of Lake Bled is a new mysterious underwater world of freshwater creatures and plants. This world is quite different from the one under the sea. The number and size of fish exceeds all expectations.

Check some pictures by click on:

big fish in lake bled 
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 big fish in lake bled
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scuba diving lake bled slovenia

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If you're not a diver we offer PADI Discover Scuba Diving program.
Under the supervision of an instructor you will look below the surface of a lake Bled.


About Bled Lake

Bled lake with elevation of 475m, long is 2120m, 1080m wide, 30.6m deep, its surfaceis 147 ha. The attractiveness of a typical alpine lake on the outskirts of the Julian Alps, Bled island continues to grow with the church, also after a castle in the picturesque alps rock, near the eastern lake shore. The average annual temperature of the lake is 12 degrees C, temperature in July is theaverage rises to 21.5 degrees C. After years of pollution of the water after the recovery in the lake only become clear, so that it now has 18 different species of fish, and crustaceans and molluscs are no longer a rarity. Visibility in the lake is variable but life is depending on the season moreor less. Only the bottom of the lake is a muddy lake all along the coast, a few morerocks.

Points of Interest on the Internet
After evaluating of webpage travelibro Lake Bled belongs between the TOP 10 lakes in the world. 

Pictures of Borut Furlan.