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Bubblemaker colWhat a wonderful way to introduce children to scuba diving in the pool where the water is less than two meters. Birthday party with bubblemaker program with friends and family. The program is suitable for children aged 8 years and older.

It's fun, easy and safe. 




{tab The fun part}

  • The purpose of the course is that the kids have fun in the water, they become relaxed, but it is not necessary to be good swimmers!
  • Entertainment takes an hour or longer by arrangement. The course includes theoretical and practical parts, equipment and instructor which animates children on fun way

{tab What will children learn ?}

  • How is the first breathe under water
  • Experienced the first underwater experience under the supervision of a PADI Instructor
  • Recognize and use the diving equipment

{tab What is/is not included in the price}

  • Course cost
  • Theory
  • Practical exercises in water
  • Hire of equipment
  • Tank refil on course
  • Check our price list







{tab What do you have to bring ?}

  • Swiming suit
  • Towel
  • Smile on his lips and good will

{tab Medical certificate}
By the PADI standards of medical examination is not mandatory. At the beginning of the course, each participant completed and signed declaration of health status, in which are written all disease states that are not best suited for diving. At the same time the student has signed a statement of liability. For kids till 18 years - papers need to be signed bz parents or guardians.
How do apply for the course?
Certainly the easiest way through our contact.

Dates implementation
Bubblemaker course is carried out in groups or individually. If you are a closed group we offer course at your location !